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Large Alice Pack with NO FRAME.-Olive Drab


This is just the large pack itself. No frame, no straps, etc.

  • 6 Outside front pockets
  • 3 small upper pockets, 3 large lower pockets all with snap closures
  • Large Size 22" x 20" x 19"
  • Some have solid od rubber coating inside, some have woodland rubber coating inside flap
  • Frame not included
  • Last picture indicates what it looks like stuffed


Servicable Condition- Tops will be oxidized or protective coating will be peeling/missing. May have small holes, but this will not effect the durability of the bag. May have dirt, or names written and duct tape. May be missing one of snaps, bag will still be fully operational. (Picture 4-7)


Good Condition- Top will be in better condition with most of rubberized coating in tact. No holes, no missing snaps. (Picture 1-3)  


Solid OD or Woodland available in both conditions.



Large Alice Pack-NO FRAME

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