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Brand new, just manufactured May of 2024 (3-5 year shelf life)! Not old military surplus.

12 meals per case, 2 of each recipe. All with HEATERS!



Chicken & Rice

Cheese Tortellini (crowd favorite)

Vegetarian Chil

Pinto Stew


Chicken Curry



1. Main Entrée

2. Starch (Military Crackers [2] or Flour Tortillas [2] or Other)

3. Snack (Corn Nuts or Nut and Raisin Mix or Dry Fruit Mix or Other)

4. Dessert (Sugar Cookies [4] or Oatmeal Cookies [4] or Other)

5. Drink Mix (Fruit Flavored from 5 varieties)

6. Spoon

7. Napkin

8. Wet Nap


For shipping, we put a label on the MRE carton (not hidden in another box)

MRE Case- Manf. 2024. 12 meals!

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