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Single leg wire rope slings are a common type of wire rope assembly used for lifting, towing, and rigging applications.


Surplus item but in good-seemingly unused condition.


Characteristic: Specifications

FIIG: A082A0

End Conditioning Method: [CTYB] Seized And Soldered

Breaking Strength [BZQQ]: 31500.0 Pounds Nominal

Core Construction [CTXX]: Independent Wire Rope

Diameter [ABMZ]: 0.625 Inches Nominal Rope

End Type [APTD]:Loop Both Ends

Material [MATT]:Steel Improved Plow Overall

Lay Method [AJXH]:Right Regular All Layers

Loop Retention Method [BWCM]: Swage

Prefabrication Form [CTXY]: Preformed

Overall Length [ABHP]: 4.000 Feet Nominal

Special Features [FEAT]:Wire Rope Iaw Rr-W-410,Type-1,Class-2

Style Designator [STYL]: 6 X 19 (Iwrc)




Single Leg Wire Rope Assembly

$39.95 Regular Price
$29.95Sale Price
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