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Surplus US GI OD 2 Strap Duffle Bag


These are in GOOD condition.  Some will have slight markings/dirt/ tape, due to being a surplus item, but overall good. 


We do our best to pick the best quality item available. We want happy customers! These items are USED MILITARY SURPLUS. They may have dirt or other stains. We do our best to picture an honest example of what have available. Occasionally there will be a name, tape, or other markings on the items.  We do our best to state this in the description.



Good - These are items that are "like new" or in great condition. No names, markings or large stains.

Serviceable - These are items that will work, but will be not as pretty. They may have names, tape, large stains.

Poor - These are ugly, stained, possibly missing parts. These are good if you want to take parts off for other applications or need a "turn in".


US GI OD 2 Strap Duffle Bag

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